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Volusion API

Import / Export data in XML format. The API is divided into three parts, Generic, StoneEdge and Endicia. Generic data of products, orders and customers can be imported or exported by the Volusion API and can be used in 3rd party applications. StoneEdge data is also available so that orders can be managed by the StoneEdge application. And the Endicia data is provided as well which enables USPS label creation via the Endicia / Dazzle Application.

How to access Volusion API

Current Account Holders: Inventory --> Import/Export --> Volusion API


This section allows you to create XML files to then import into other 3rd party applications. Simply select which table you need the data for and then select which fields in that table. You may also limit the data by using the Where Clause field.

Exporting Generic Data:

You can select exactly which fields to return or select * for all columns related to a product.  After
you run an export you will also generate a URL which a developer can use to programmatically call the
same EDI with whichever column was selected or the where clause.

If no where statement is provided then the productid sent will be logged and not sent again.  This is a
helpful feature to allow you to get only the newest products.

To reset an export that is logged simply select the run time from the date drop down and reset either 
all the productids from that time or select a specific ID from the IDs drop down.

Importing Data:

NOTE: Using a Url is the only way to call an export and a Url can only and have a maximum length of 
approximately 1024 characters. When Importing the Url needs to contain the following.<YourLogin>

These are the different types of Import Modes: 
Insert - Will only insert new records and ignore all others.
Insert-Update - Will insert new records that don't exist and update any that already exist.
Update - Will update existing records only and ignore any records that don't exist. 
Delete - Will delete all records included in the import.

Please note that an import can only be done on one table at a time (with the exception of Orders which
must include OrderDetails).

Imports must use POST, see sample code examples below.


This section allows you to create XML files so you may manage your orders through the StoneEdge application.

In order to have Stone Edge integration, you must be running version 5.007 from Stone Edge. The only
values needed from your store are the admin email address and the encrypted password (which you can get
from the tab below).  To switch admins, select the admin you wish to give access to from the drop down
and the encrypted password will change accordingly.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact Stone Edge directly at (215) 641-1837 or


This section allows you to create XML files so you may create USPS labels via the Edicia / Dazzle application. You can then reimport the information back into Volusion via a CSV file to add all your tracking numbers to your orders.

To Export to DAZzle, please do the following:

1.  Run the Endicia Export
2.  Save the file that is created to your local computer.  It is recommended that you place this file 
in the directory you have setup for DAZzle, so that it automatically imports.  
3.  You can then run DAZzle to create your shipping labels.

* Please note that the Endicia Export only exports orders marked as "Ready to Ship" and the only
shipping methods that apply are the USPS shipping methods found in your store by default. If you wish
to have custom shipping methods added to this export, please contact Volusion Support for a quote on
the cost of creating one for your site.